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Dear friend,

Most couples work hard but go slow.

But it’s not because they’re not ‘on the same page’.

After thousands of hours in conversation with couples, we’ve never talked to any that didn’t want to:

🚀 Go faster

🕺 Have more fun

🌄 Make more memories.

The problem isn’t that.

It’s a lack of financial synergy.

What is financial synergy?

It’s where you and your partner are playing to each others strengths, and (in rowing terms) have found your ‘swing’.

Any pair knows they want to win.

They’re on the same page about that.
But being able to get in sync and make the most of every stroke is why they practice.

It’s the same with money.

You and your partner have a ‘fast mode’.

But you need to practice together to develop and deploy it.
Now, I’m going to deliver some tough love here...

But we promise it’s for your own good.

Stop listening to what personal finance authors tell you to do. And start figuring out what works best for you.

Shortcuts are easy to sell, but hard to sustain.
And I’ll tell you why:

It’s because as a pair, you and your partner are unique.
Your relationship is the first time in human history this combination of skills, knowledge and preferences has ever happened.

No universal plan on a page can account for that.

No personal finance author can know who you are as a couple. Or what makes you tick.

Only you can know this, and you need to.

So, how can you achieve financial synergy?

Read on to learn more.

Terry & Ryan


Buy the choices you want

Personal finance isn’t about maximising return on money. It’s about maximising return on life. When you’re making the most of each others strengths, you’ll be able to live life on your own terms.

girl with boy

Pursue the things that matter

Wealth is having more of what you value. And only when you collaborate constructively with money will you waste less time tolerating what you hate, and spend more time doing what you love.

A family takes a photo at sunset

Fund lasting memories

Success isn’t about dying with the most money, it’s about dying with the least regrets. Making decisions together is how you make big things happen and find joy in the journey

Whilst you

Set yourselves up for the future

Compounding can’t happen without consistency. When you’ve found the balance between spending in line with your values and investing toward your shared vision, you’ll enjoy the present knowing the future is covered.

This is how: Money Mapping

The complete financial operating system that helps you and your partner find fast mode.

Cashflow Method: Money Mapping

Designing your life

Crafting a shared vision that helps you navigate the big decisions.

Measuring Progress

Knowing where your money is going. And celebrating the wins along the way.

Making decisions together

Playing to each others strengths and sharing the load.

Planning for achievement

Gaming out success to know what's possible. And how to get there faster.

Growing your money

Put your money to work so you can stop working for money.

The Mentorship

The mentorship is an immersive personal development program for personal finance. 

This is how you’ll learn the money mapping method: how to work WITH (not for) money to fund the life you want.

Step 1

Crafting a Shared Vision of Success

Have a facilitated conversation about the choices, experiences and achievements you want for now and later.

Skill: Future Authoring
person in the lotus position
Step 2

Measuring Progress

Align your spending and optimise saving, without giving up the things you care about.

Skill: Monitoring vitals
Step 3

Making decisions together

Proactively give every dollar a job each month. Find the balance between spending on your values whilst saving for the vision.

Skill: Income Mapping
clouds with lightning
Step 4

Planning for achievement

Align your spending and optimise saving, without giving up the things you care about.

Skill: Forecasting Cashflow
Step 5

Growing your money

Define your investing strategy and the concrete steps you’ll action with conviction.

Skill: Strategy + implementation

Expert 1:1 mentorship

We’ve spent years making all the mistakes and figuring out what doesn’t work. And that’s how we’ve discovered what does. Here’s what you’ll cover...

video call with a mentor
Cashflow CommunityCashflow Community

Connected Community of practice

We’re taught not to talk about money, and that’s why most of us are in the dark about it. The science shows that learning and is a social phenomenon.

That’s why we’ve gone to extreme lengths to ensure you never feel alone. Because the best way to stay on track is to walk that track with others.

Exclusive personal finance tech😲

Not everyone’s a number nerd. You can throw away the spreadsheets, we’ve built our own personal finance tech. Our tools do the heavy lifting, so you make great decisions without spending hours in statements.


Make proactive
decisions (together)

See where your
money goes

Make progress

Know when (and how)
you’ll hit your goals

Skills + habits that pay you for life

This isn’t a set and forget prescription. It’s a mindful money practice that gets you on the same page and builds confidence and capability with money. Because if you’re not confident making small money decisions with money, you’ll struggle to make big ones.

The Peace and Fulfilment Most Couples Never Experience with their finances

"I was totally shocked & surprised that we have been able to mak this much progress in such a short space of time"

- Helen

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Inclusions & Guarantee

Gamechanger Guarentee

We’re so confident in our system that if after you’ve completed the program you don’t believe this is the best financial decision you’ve ever made, we’ll refund your investment in the program in full.

What’s included
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    6 months access to Moolah included
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    5 action packed 1:1 coaching sessions
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    Lifetime access to all training material
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    Monthly workshops & Q/As for extra support
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Do you have more information?

Sure do. The best place to start is watching the video 👆. If you’ve already done this, the next best place to go is this episode on the podcast. This runs you through the design ethos and principles of the program. And also the evidence for everything we do at each stage of the process.

These are only secondary sources of info though. If you want to really get the highest fidelity info, you’ll want to book an action setting call. This is far and away the best way to determine the actual value and get any question you have answered in real time.

And don’t worry, we’re not about selling you. If this is for you, you’ll know it. We’re simply here to help you with your decision and facilitate the process :)

How Long Does This Take?

Depends on how fast you want to go. We’ve seen people smash this out in less than a month. But the average couple moves through in about 8 weeks. Typical time investment for that period is about 1.5 Netflix eps a week :)

How much access do we get?

Alot. Theres two layers of 1:1 support, and two layers of one to many support.

At the one to one level, our couples get a coach who guides them through the process. While also working hand in hand with Ryan as the mentor. Think of your coach as your big brother/sister, and your mentor as a friendly tutor/trainer who equips you with the skills and tools.

At the one to many level, you can access 3 x monthly group coaching calls. These are centred around elements of the money mapping method and work like ‘office hours’ open Q&A.

You’ll also get exclusive access to our ‘members lounge’. This is a global community of practice chock full of like minded legends just like you! Think of like our digital tree house. A place we go to swap stories, share ideas and support each other en route to our goals.

How does it make sense to spend money, if we're trying to get on top of our money?

Good question. It makes sense when you consider what you’ve already paid. And what you will likely pay in the future. See there is a real cost to not knowing how to work with money to get what you want.

But it’s not obvious because it’s not an out of pocket expense. It’s more like a tax. You never really see what you missed out on getting. If you want to get a sense for what this ‘ignorance tax’ has already cost you consider two questions:

  1. What opportunities and experiences have you forgone because of finances?
  2. What choices would you likely have now if you had invested time and money to figure this out 3 years ago, 5 years ago? ten years ago?

So, when you consider what it cost not to know this stuff, it makes sense to invest in yourself to minimise those costs for your future. In fact it’s one of the highest value, cheapest  deals you’ll ever do. If you want to know why, click here.

What if I can’t get my partner on board?

Ah yeah this can be a tough one. Especially if you’ve tried and failed to have the ‘money talk’ in the past. We feel you 😔. Here’s our advice: consider asking a different question.

Instead of wondering ‘what if I can’t get them on board?’ ask ‘ how can I get them on board? The answers to that question might surprise you. But if you’re coming up with donuts, we’ve got you covered. Just click here to access a gift we’ve made just for you 😉

Do you work with singles?

Yes. We’ve helped plenty of singles smash their goals over the years. The reason we’re speaking directly to couples here is because we’ve learned that our method is particularly effective at helping couples better work together with their money. And it turns out this is problem remains largely unsolved.

But money mapping works just as well for you if you’re flying solo. And if you have plans of coupling up you’ll be extremely well set up to do so. Many of our singles who’ve partnered up swear by it :)